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I'm thinking about suicide

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no hope

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good luck my friend.

i hope things have gotten better :(

I’m getting my charges dropped so that lifts a cloud from my life

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that’s good. i hope things continue to improve for you.

thank you so much

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:) here’s a picture of my cats, i hope it cheers you up

thanks. I’m a little better now. not thinking about suicide anymore. I think not facing JAIL TIME helped

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Jail honestly isn’t even all that bad. Prison sucks hard, but depending on the jail it may actually be kinda okay even. Suicide can be a legit option for the later, but the former usually isn’t a life ending kinda thing. It’s recoverable.

That being said, I’m glad to hear you’re not going.

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From: Summoner99 at 2018-05-28 17:56:51
:) here’s a picture of my cats, i hope it cheers you up

they are perf

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